All Food Trucks/Trailers will be located in the front parking lot close to Admissions.
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Insurance is a requirment to participate in VegFest Colorado

Everything sold, displayed, sampled, donated, or given away at this event is required to be plant-based / VEGAN. The following items not welcomed at this event includes, but is not limited to,
animal flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, gelatin, coral, silk. Skin or hide products such as leather, snake, alligator, wool, feathers, fur, etc. Man made substitutions are welcome.
If you have any products or ingredients you are unsure of please send an email with your inquiry to, Subject: Product Ingredients

How much space do you need to run your business?

Include the total space needed including actual truck trailer size.
Example: truck is 10x20 and the sidewalk cafe setup is 6x8
What side of the truck/trailer do you take orders/serve from?

Will you be using a personal generator?

Would you like to purchase Generator Power?

Generator power will be available 5PM Friday - 6PM Sunday
Please tell us your best estimate of how much power your truck/trailer draws.
(examples below)

Heat Lamps 250 WATTS
Hot Display Case 250 WATTS
Ice Chest 1500 WATTS
Micro Wave 1500 WATTS
Panini Press 1500 WATTS
Refrigerator Display Case 90 WATTS
Salad/Sandwich Refrigerator 725 WATTS
Steam Table 1500 WATTS
Stereo 200 WATTS
Vent Fans 100 WATTS
Rooftop AC 2000 WATTS
Blender 300 WATTS
Bun Toasters 1000 WATTS
Cameras 250 WATTS
Cash Register 150 WATTS
Coffee Pot 1165 WATTS
Exhaust Hood with fans/filters200 WATTS
External Light 500 WATTS
Fire Suppression System 1000 WATTS
Freezer 600 WATTS
Griddle 3000 WATTS

Please understand that the Generator receptacle you will plug into is a Common North American single-phase AC power connector
(120 V, 60 Hz)

If you have a different type plug, please let us know
Included in your booth fee is 4 admission wristbands.
Additional admissions can be purchased for $5 each up to 4 *

4 Admission wristbands are included in the booth fee

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