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Setting – Music will be in the outside tent setup next to the parking lot, outside the Event Center entrance. There are food trucks nearby, and many attendees get their meal and then sit on the benches under the tent to eat.  It is our goal for the music to serve primarily as background for the entrance and people eating, but with the opportunity for those who would like to more actively listen to the performances to sit by the stage area on the closer benches or in seats. You do not have to be vegan to play (of course we would love it if you were), but please note that no outside food will be allowed and if your music is counter to the message of Vegfest, it probably won’t be a good fit.

Compensation/opportunity – Performing musicians will receive free admission to Vegfest on the day they perform and will be allowed to use a tip jar and sell merchandise.   We will also place a hyperlink to the site/page/link of your choice on the music schedule page of the Vegfest website and we may include pictures/bios as well.  We ask that you place a link to the Vegfest music schedule page on your website or social media page and we would be open to discussing other cross-promotions if you have an idea that is beneficial to us and to you.

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There will be a PA set up with 2 main speakers and 2 monitors.  There will be 2 vocal microphones on stands available and 6 additional channels for vocals or to plug in instruments with pickups.  No amplifiers will be allowed, we need to be able to turn the volume up or down quickly and easily with the PA controls.    We will have a 15 minute max changeover time between acts.

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